Aboutme3Hi there,

I’m Marita!  I started My Dinner food blog to act as my online recipe collection and provide dinner ideas to others.

I am half-German half-Filipino and I am married to Dave who is English and Lebanese, so it’s not difficult to guess how my culinary influences developed.

I was born sometime in the 80s. I grew up in Germany in a little town near Frankfurt called Schwalbach am Taunus.  I currently reside in the UK, East London Sunbury on Thames just outside West London. My dream is to eat myself through the world.

Things I love:

German Food and Recipes 1. German Food
I grew up with my mum’s cooking.  Although she is Filipino she learned to cook German food for my father. Her Filipino food is amazing but German food is intrinsically linked to my childhood. When I was 16 I left for boarding school in England, and my mother would send me food parcels filled with Schwarzbrot, Leberwurst and Milka Chocolate. Years later I still cannot live without some of the traditional German recipes.


Go to Lebanese Food and Recipes2. Lebanese Food
I was only introduced to Lebanese Food since I met my now husband Dave. His grandmother was Lebanese; and he remembers her standing in the kitchen making hummus, tabbouleh and other Lebanese delicacies. In Germany we have a saying “Liebe geht durch den Magen” which translated means “Love goes through the stomach” – so I have made it my mission to learn the art of the Lebanese cooking.


see all recipes inspired by travel3. Travel and Country Walks
Traveling is my passion, something that I look forward to and relish. I love to immerse myself into different cultures, learn about their history and meet their people. Recent visits included: Rwanda, Tanzania, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico and France.
We also take any opportunity to go for a walk in the British countryside and document the many pub stops we have on the way.


Aboutme54. Ecommerce and the Internet
I earn my living in Ecommerce. I love the internet, the way you can analyse results immediately and the logic between the various system architectures (I know geeky!). Google Analytics is my friend and CSS my playground. In my spare time I also try to create new wordpress websites. The latest I have been working on are www.ubakaurwanda.org.uk and www.sewinginthecity.org but I hope to build more in the future.


If you have any questions feel free to comment or send me an email through the contact form.
I seldom bite, unless you are covered in peanut butter!