My Dinner in Domu’s Cookbook

Hello there,

I guess you have noticed I have not been blogging for a while. This is not because I did not want to! I promise. However as I told you a couple of months ago I moved into a house that needed complete redecoration. The results has been no kitchen for the last 3 months! But hopefully the wait will be over soon. – I took a picture just to show you it’s not an excuse.


In the meantime I have been approached by a lovely lady called Edwina from Domu‘s Web Team. If you are not familiar with Domu  – check out their website. They have some lovely kitchen gear and I have my eyes on this slowcooker and this wafflemaker for a while now.

They asked me to submit a recipe for their cookbook, “24 Restaurant Quality Meals to Make in your kitchen“. After a little pondering I decided to submit my Spinach and Feta Trianges that so many of you enjoyed. Check our their link to get your copy. It’s free!

Until soon hopefully x

Dormu's cookbook

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