How to find Lebanese Ingredients Online


My love of Lebanese cuisine was not like one big Hollywood moment, where I saw, smelt and tasted it and realised that, from that moment onwards, I would never survive without it.

It more like a courtship… I tried it, and was unsure, but I tried it again and slowly developed a taste for it. I started cooking it, experimenting with it and developed a fondness for it.

Then I encountered the next hurdle: Where do I find pomegranate molasses, zaatar, vine leaves and bulgar wheat?  When I was living in London it was no problem, because I would just visit the lovely Green Valley Grocery store in Edgeware Road. I remember filling my basket with groceries, which I didn’t have any idea of what they were, only to google them later and start my Lebanese adventure.

But many of you do not live in London, and a middle eastern supermarket is not always close. So I decided to create a guide on how to find Lebanese indigents online.

  1. Arez-Food Specialist Lebanese Food Online Shop

I discovered Arez Food only recently when they contacted me to discuss some sponsored posts. They are a small family run business which just started up. But the best news is that they specialise in Lebanese food! I did a test order myself a couple of weeks ago, and was very impressed. They do not only delivery to the UK but all over Europe.


  1. Your UK Mega Grocery Market

I would not disregard your usual Tesco or Sainsbury’s. Just because they do not have pomegranate syrup and rose water at your local supermarket, it does not mean they won’t have it online.  Their assortment may not be as extensive as Arez, but their world food online range is ever-growing.

  1. Amazon

The days where you could only get books and cds from amazon are long gone: you can even buy groceries as well. I have added some in my amazon shop. Have a look. Sometimes it is worth looking around for some better deals, but you cannot fault the range of products that amazon has to offer.


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