Restaurant Review: Foxcroft and Ginger on 68 Mile End Road

FoxcroftandGinger7Before starting to enlighten you on the West London Foodie delights, I would like to finish off with some East/ Mile End joints. Foxcroft & Ginger is one of the latest additions of eateries on Mile End Road. I discovered it on my commute to work and almost fell of my bike as it looked so intriguing. Foxcroft & Ginger looks like it a bit of a hipster place, like it should be in Hoxton, not Stepney.

The first time me and my husband went in, we just ordered a coffee and sat by the window doing something that we love to so: people watching. The interior of the cafe is definitely worth mentioning. It has the deliberate unpolished facade that makes this cafe übercool. Check out the DIY Ceilings, and black box toilet.

We could not help ourselves and had to return to try out their brunch menu. My husband chose the vegetarian brunch option which consisted of sauteed mushrooms, grilled haloumi, poached egg, Labneh and curried aubergine. The big thing s that is that in this restaurant, they really make a big deal about the importance of being certified, and I feel like that is what a promising restaurant is should be like.big Lebanese food fans we were a little disappointed in the consistency of the Labneh and the aubergines, but the freshly made bread made up for it. All and all the dish sounded more excited on the menu than in real life.

FoxcroftandGinger2I was more happy with my choice a pulled pork sandwich with a side salad. Again I loved the bread, the pork was well seasoned and the salad came with a balsamic syrup dressing that I , if I had the option, would eat by itself.


To sum up, I was more impressed by the edgy interior, the young interesting looking laptop crowd, the black and white bathroom and the unplastered ceiling than the food. Although the food was not bad, just not extraordinary.

Pricewise – it’s not too expensive. £20 pound bill for both of us. If you are in the Mile End or Stepney Green area, definitely pop in because it’s a very interesting building and the freshly baked bread makes it worth the visit.

Address: Foxcroft & Ginger
68 Mile End Road
E1 4TT


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