Restaurant Review – Tian Tian a new Chinese Restaurant on Mile End Road


This time I want to introduce you to my new favourite Chinese Restaurant. Tian Tian is not strictly speaking located in Mile End but just opposite Stepney Green Tube Station.

I stumbled upon it when visiting my hairdressers next door and wondered why it’s always full even at 4pm. It seemed like there were often many Chinese people in there, which I always think is a good sign for a Chinese restaurant. It is quite new, and must have sprang up sometime this year as you cannot find it on square meal or other restaurant sites, nor does it have a website.

Thank god the food was so delicious! My husband was growing impatient, as I had dragged him around for hours through London’s largest shopping mall to give his wardrobe a (much needed) makeover. I think he forgave me once the plate of ribs arrived (see below).

Tian Tian is one of those restaurants you feel comfortable in because its unpretentious and uncomplicated. The food is plentiful and very good and we were very pleased with our menu choices.

The Peking duck soup made a great starter.


We would recommend the coffee marinated ribs which just remembering makes my mouth water. TianTian8

I had to choose my favourite – crispy Lemon chicken – which in some restaurants turns up as a soggy mess but this was very yummy.

TianTian5And of course the obligatory Fried Rice was also ordered.

The staff are very friendly and about leaving this restaurant the waiter followed up on the street because he had not thanked us. This is the first time this has happened to us in London.

Pricewise it is cheap. All this food, including soft drinks came up to £25.

Tian Tian
Chinese Restaurant
166 mile end road,
London E1 4LJ

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