What we ate in Israel

This year there was the difficult choice to make, on where to go on holiday as we had to use a lot of our available holidays for our wedding. We were divided between Israel or Iceland and decided for Israel and did not regret it.

We flew into Tel Aviv and took the bus to Jerusalem. The food there was delicious with a great variety. Israel is great for street food.

Israeli schnitzel
Israeli Schnitzel is made of chicken compared to the German Schnitzel
schnitzel in pitta
Dave went for the schnitzel in a pitta with salad and tahini
Arabic Salad in Israel
They served us this Arabic salad that consisted of mint, cucumber, tomatoes and olive oil
Of course hummus was part of the everyday diet. We chose one with a fasoli bean topping: Amazing!
These Falafel were massive and they sold them on the street like that. I had one for breakfast.
israeli seasame rings
These Seasame bread rings are my first memory of Middle Eastern Bread Culture and I remember them well from Istanbul

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